Monday, December 16, 2013

bright lipstick and plastic glasses

On this particular day, she asked me if she was really "half boy" because of her mustache. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She always has seemed old to me but when I look at pictures from just a year ago, her chubby little baby face is slowly going away. I love my lil Marley-Girl. These were taken while driving around looking for photography spots. She's my number-one go-to-model. She's used to me stopping the car at random spots for a quick photo sesh.

the sun

The sun was shining just the way I like on this particular evening. It made everything seem so magical. I love these guys and their kids are adorable!! Once upon a time, we had our babies around the same time and it is crazy to see how much they have grown up. Time really is flying. Speaking of time, this is a great time to set some healthy goals and then go out and get it done. Jill is an amazing trainer and nutritionist. She can whip your body into shape. Go check out her website and get tons of tips and inspiration.


I am based out of Utah County
Contact me about traveling fees.

I charge $150 for a photo session.
This includes
               1-2 hour photo session
               40+ high res prints on cd
               20+ 4x6 prints

Pricing could change as I update my equipment and gain experience.

If  you are interested, please call or text me at 385-335-4827 or email me at and I will send you more details.




stages of life

Lately, I have been going back through all my old photos and it has been crazy to see the different stages of life.  Something that has hit me hard is that we will never get to go back to those stages.  We live them and then we move on.  One is not better than the other... just different.  I'm realizing how much I treasure my photos from each stage.  There are some stages where I wish I had taken more photos.  You can never go back and it seems like even my memory fails me but photos never will.  In an instant, we get flashbacks.  They remind of us of all that we have experienced and how strong and unique are lives are. 
I'm so happy I got to freeze time for this cute little family.  I remember this stage well.  They are totally in love and just trying to survive and make memories of this stage in their life.  It has inspired me to do the same. I want to enjoy my stages more and try to capture each day so I can have something to look back and remember.  Life is beautiful!!!