Saturday, December 14, 2013

a change of pace

I always love to do engagement shoots and I especially LOVED this session.  I don't know what it is, but whenever I do a photo session, I always feel like I have to be loud and outgoing, just so I can make people feel comfortable and have a good time.  But there was something different with this gorgeous couple.  I didn't even need to talk.  They were both just really quiet and chill and easy-going.  I think they forgot I was there.  It was really refreshing for me.  I didn't need to say much.  I just kind of sat there with my camera like a little bird.  And you would never have known that it was really freezing around 40 degrees outside.  They were both smiling and totally relaxed.  They were just the cutest couple and I totally wish the best for them.  She's a total hottie super-model and he was so easy-going.   They are both so lucky to have each other.  Best of luck Mino and Junior.

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