Monday, December 16, 2013

stages of life

Lately, I have been going back through all my old photos and it has been crazy to see the different stages of life.  Something that has hit me hard is that we will never get to go back to those stages.  We live them and then we move on.  One is not better than the other... just different.  I'm realizing how much I treasure my photos from each stage.  There are some stages where I wish I had taken more photos.  You can never go back and it seems like even my memory fails me but photos never will.  In an instant, we get flashbacks.  They remind of us of all that we have experienced and how strong and unique are lives are. 
I'm so happy I got to freeze time for this cute little family.  I remember this stage well.  They are totally in love and just trying to survive and make memories of this stage in their life.  It has inspired me to do the same. I want to enjoy my stages more and try to capture each day so I can have something to look back and remember.  Life is beautiful!!!                                               


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