Saturday, January 2, 2016

the Hood project: Josie Havea

Josie Havea - this Bishop's wife and gorgeous mommy of 3 active munchkins finds joy in the simple
                      things.  She is incredibly hilarious and doesn't take herself too serious.  Her instagram
                      account is like a little piece of sunshine for me.  She also started her own home business
                      called the JunieScarf where she sells hand knit infinity scarves.

What are some of your favorite things that make you happy and get you through the day?

*for me – Long, sincere, engaged scripture and gospel study. Had you ask me this maybe three/four months ago I would have said some alone time aimlessly wandering the aisles of target and maybe the CPK butter cake AND the maglebys cake. But a recent change of heart and a strong desire to want to get some answers to the craziness going on in the world has helped me to know for sure that THE best way to get me through any day and find the joy in every moment is through the eternal perspective you acquire through gospel study.

*for my kids- When they play make believe together. It’s hilarious. And dance parties. Lots and lots of dance parties.

How have you and your life changed since becoming a mom?
I don’t think I can ever exercise or laugh really hard without peeing a little every time. I buy A LOT of panty liners. My children were born with huge heads, ok? Like 95 percentile heads. Also, I gift people at baby showers now based on practical needs and not cutesy things like pretty dresses, onesies, cute handmade toys. Kid getting circumcised? I gotchu gurrrrl. Check my gift bag - I got you some vaseline, lots of alcohol wipes, q-tips AND gauze. Oh, and you were planning on breastfeeding? You gonna be leaking, A LOT. Gotchu some breast pads. And I even threw in some overnight maxi pads. And a pregnancy test know. You're welcome. You're welcome. CONGRATS!

What are some time-saving beauty tips or things that you do that are helpful? 
Don’t leave the house.

What important lessons have you learned from your children/spouse? 
Through my spouse – be obedient, be faithful and the Lord will literally give you all the things you want (i.e. righteous desires). Through my kids, forgiveness is possible and life doesn’t have to be complicated and fancy to be fun, joyful and memorable (it’s my excuse for not taking them to Disneyland and rad family vacations. That and my bank account. Why would I go to an expensive place when they LOVE getting cardboard boxes and just driving by the duck pond? Haha!)

When do you feel the prettiest? 
When I take the time to get ready and look pretty and no one tells me I look tired after all that effort. 
And I guess when my kids and husband say it to me. 

How has your personal style evolved throughout the years? 
HAHAHAHAHA. Let’s see. I went from thriving off of people commenting on how they loved my style to my best friend commenting on a recent instagram post that I looked so much like my mom in that photo. Reason? Because I was literally wearing my mom’s staple outfit – a long fishing shirt (no, none of us fish, we just love the material), faded black leggings and a skinny brown watch. It’s evolved from keeping up with the ever changing fashion trends to…I hope this is clean and I have wishful pinterest boards. 

What are secrets to a happy home? 
Putting the Lord first. I know it’s a lot of churchy stuff in these answers, but that’s really it. That’s it. It’s so simple but we complicate it. We look through article after article about what others have done. We ask everyone. We look at list after list of the top 10 ways to have happy kids and happy husbands and happy carpets and dogs and cats and sinks. But again, the Lord knows us, knows what we need to do to make our home a happy one. So you know, ask Him. ;)

What is the hardest part about being a mom? 
Turning it off. It neeeever ends. Ask my mom.

What is your own advice on being a mom? 
The best mom is a spiritually prepared, extremely prayerful, faithful, God-fearing woman. Each of us is so incredibly different and we have very different, individual needs. Our children are very different. Our marriages are different. Maybe we are single parents. It feels overwhelming and we can’t do it all.  We really can’t. The Internet is a great resource, but even that doesn’t have all the answers. BUT, if we learn to turn our lives over to the Lord, work as hard as we can to build his kingdom and then rely on Him for literally everything he will multiply our efforts. It’s not a sit around and pray all day and wait for him to do something. It’s pray a lot then work a lot. Serve a lot. Keep his commandments. Act on your inspirations. When we’ve proven ourselves, he will multiply our efforts ten fold. You don’t know why your baby won’t stop crying? Put in the spiritual work and ask the Lord. Maybe he gives you the inspiration you need straight to your mind on what to do in that moment. Or maybe he directs you to certain websites. Or maybe he puts someone in your path that had a similar situation. You want to know where to put your kids in school? Ask him. If we believe He knows all, ask him anything and everything. The Lord is in the details of our lives, He cares about us, He loves us and He wants us to tell/ask Him everything. Anytime you have a “how” question, do a little work, some research, some asking and consult with the man upstairs. And you know those days where you fall on your bed and reflect back on everything you did and wonder how you did that? Or you have friends who ask how you can handle so many things? It ain’t you, sister. It’s you AND the Lord. It’s never “I can do it” it’s always “We can do it.” He will help us to cut out the distractions so we can hear Him guide us. You will fall short; it will be hard, painfully, often heartbreakingly hard but let every moment refine you. Through the help of the Atonement and the Savior, He will help us to re-prioritize our to-do lists and get them done with high flying colors! Fist pump!

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